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Foundry Partners & Processes

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  • Tower 0.18µm — 32-Mpixel Image Sensor; 3.8µm pixels; 12-bit ADC; 60 fps
  • Tower 0.35µm  StitchedDesign X-Ray Sensor
  • Tower 1µm — Wafer-Scale X-Ray Sensor
  • TSMC 0.13µm Logic — Dual 10-bit ADC; 100 Msamples per second
  • TSMC 0.18µm CIS — 1.3-Mpixel Imager
  • TSMC 0.25µm — CCDAnalog Front-End
  • TSMC 0.35µm — Medical Imager; 1000 fps
  • TSMC 40nm CIS Custom Pad Library; 5Gbit/sec; I/O
  • TSMC 65nm CIS Stereo CMOS Image Sensor
  • AMI 0.35µm — Infrared Readout with 12-bit ADC serialized output
  • AMS 0.35µm — Optical Mouse Sensor
  • Freescale 0.13µm SOI — Bandwidth Oscillator with VC phase shifter
  • IBM 0.18µm CIS — 56-Mpixel Infrared Readout; 6µm pixels
  • MagnaChip 0.5µm — LCOS Display
  • S.T. 90nm CMOS  Quad VCSEL Driver and TIA Rcvr; 5 Gbps per chnl
  • FSI and BSI CIS processes – Design experience and access to a variety of FSI and BSI CIS processes (including IMG175 and IMG140)
  • UMC 0.25µm — VGAImage Sensor; 5.6µm pixels; 50mW, 10-bit ADC
  • UMC 0.35µm — Automotive Compass Chip; 12-bit DAC; high-voltage analog output
  • Vanguard 0.35µm — Optical Mouse Sensor
  • TPSCo 65nm — Frontside Illuminated with Light Pipe Technology
  • LFoundry 110nm CIS — Backside-Illuminated (BSI)