Quality Management

Forza’s quality management system (QMS) impacts all stages of design and prototype development. Forza’s QMS was developed over 12 years, achieving certification in April 2010, and transitioned to ISO 9001:2015 certification in April 2018. Our QMS is constantly evolving as we continue to improve processes and procedures. Every stage in the project flow complies with ISO procedures, ensuring deliverables meet the highest quality. Forza’s QMS also conforms to ITAR and EAR project standards. We partner with customers, suppliers and foundries in the pursuit of highly practical, first-of-a-kind designs, enabling customers to deliver new and cutting edge applications.

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At the Proposal Stage: We provide customers with an understanding of technical trends in the marketplace, and insight into the implications for the proposed application. We apply decades of Forza design expertise to explore specification issues, schedules, pricing, application modes, and acceptance testing, all of which greatly improve the quality of the final product.

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During the Design: Reviews and verification are performed at key points in the design flow. Led by senior engineers, design reviews are an assessment of design results for the purpose of ensuring specifications are met, while improving quality and reliability. Customers routinely participate in our design reviews. Design verification means that completed Forza designs meet the agreed upon customer specifications based on defined test procedures, documentation and other valid verification criteria.

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In Prototype Manufacture: The quality and reliability of prototypes are evaluated primarily through accelerated life tests. To embed quality in the manufacturing process, we work with the foundry to characterize silicon and set upper and lower control metrics for mass production of the chip. We hold quality assurance meetings with our foundry partners and promote quality improvement activities.

From the Proposal Stage, through the Design Flow and on to Prototype Manufacture, we capture diagnostic data and track progress. Should problems occur, Forza engineers work with the foundry and customer to find root causes, formulate corrective action and prevent reoccurrence.

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Customer Support: Forza’s online customer support website provides a secure communication platform for product/project support. Forza provides login credentials to customers, along with final project deliverables. Forza’s e-Ticket system delivers a response within 24 hours of a request submission and customers have the ability to track its progress.